Read carefully the call for this application here. All fields are compulsory.

In the documents section, upload a single PDF file for each instance with all the required documents attached. For the following fields, please consider these special instructions:

  • Name, Surname: Write your name and surname as appearing in passport.
  • Master's degree: Write the official title of the Master's degree the applicant has finished / is completing.
  • Academic Institution: Write the name of the University, research centre or other academic institution which awards the Master's degre.
  • Cumulative GPA/Grade: Introduce the overall mark achieved in the degree. Write N/A if the degree is not yet completed.
  • Date: Write the date of completion of the degree or the prospective date of completion.
  • Bachelor's degree: Write the official title of the Bachelor's degree the applicant has finished.
  • Topic of Interest: Choose up to three research topics that interest you, and you would like to develop your PhD in. Notice that this choice is not binding, and the topic can be changed and agreed upon at any point before starting the Doctorate program.
  • Cover Letter + CV + Grade's transcript: Attach in a single PDF document a cover letter stating your interest in the Doctorate program and any information do you think it is relevant, your updated CV, and a transcript of the grades and subjects coursed during Bachelors and Masters. Max filesize: 8MB
  • Recommendation letters: Combine in a single PDF file a maximum of three reference letters. Max filesize: 8MB
  • Open Question: Try to be succinct and explain in less than 1500 characters a situation as the one described.
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