CFM leading Science Cooperation program in Gipuzkoa Coopera, the International Initiative Promoted by Guipuzcoa´s Council

Published: June 16, 2017

Press clipping

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Yesterday “Gipuzkoa Coopera” initiative was presented at the Guipuzcoa Council. Six renowned foundations and associations representing arts, sports, and culture, among others, are involved, with CFM leading the scientific contribution. The aim of the project is to collaborate with developing countries in fulfilling specific projects. CFM has established a collaboration with the Francisco José de Caldas Public District University of Bogota (Colombia) where the first optics laboratory of the country is being created. With the 25000€ dotation, CFM will help in the acquisition of the equipment and in the creation of a framework that allows the access to high-quality studies to more than 25000 students attending this modest university.coopera06