Making of The Quantum Nanophotonics Lab at CFM

Published: July 20, 2018

Miguel Varga, Gabriel Molina and Jon Lasa.

We are pleased to share the making of the new Quantum Nanophotonics Lab at CFM. This lab is led by Ikerbasque Research Professor Gabriel Molina Terriza. In his words “We are a team of scientists endeavoring to unveil the physics of the interactions of quantum light and matter at the nanoscale”.

So far the team is composed by Miguel Varga, postdoc researcher, Jon Lasa, PhD researcher and Gabriel himself. Nevertheless, the team is willing to increase and open positions are available (contact for more information).


These days the new optic tables have arrived and, because size matters, this instruments, devoted to measure at the forefront of the nanoscale, couldn’t be introduced through our regular doors. The huge apparatus, weighting more than 2000kg, made their way in through the window. Thanks to everyone involved in this process. We are expecting really amazing things!