school visits

Since 2013, CFM, together with Donostia International Physics Centre (DIPC), has carried out a program of students visits approximately, every two weeks during the academic year. Besides visiting centre facilities and learning about the research field developed at MPC-CFM, students get the opportunity to directly interact with Ph. D students, post‑doctoral researchers, professors and other scientific staff.

This academic year (2017-2018) the following schools visited us. If you would like to be informed of the visits for next academic year (2018-2019) you can contact us at

6/10/2017 La Anunciata Ikastetxea
3/11/2017 Urola Garaiko Lanbide Eskola (UGLE)
17/11/2017 IES Arrasate BHI
23/11/2017 UROLA ERASMUS
15/12/2017 IES Bidebieta BHI Donostia
12/1/2017 Larramendi ikastetxea
26/1/2018 Zubiri-Manteo BHI
9/2/2018 Koldo Mitxelena BHI
23/2/2018 LEKAROZ BHI
9/3/2018 San Benito Ikastola
23/3/2018 Toki Ona BHI
13/4/2018 Iraurgi Ikastetxea
27/4/2018 Aita Larramendi Ikastola

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