Apply with CFM to the EJ/GV call for pre-docs

Application deadline: Sept. 9, 2020

The EJ/GV call for pre-doctorals recruitment is open. The program aims to promote the training of researchers to obtain the title of Doctor and the acquisition of the competences and skills related to quality scientific research within a PhD Program.

This call gives continuity to the specific line of aid for the promotion of research in neutronics and particle acceleration launched in 2018, an area that is currently of special interest in the context of the European Union and particularly the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.

Apply with CFM!

CFM is seeking for bright, highly motivated PhD candidates who are willing to work in an intellectually stimulating environment to develop cutting-edge training and research on Materials Science, exploring physical and chemical properties of advanced materials, nanostructures and nanodevices, either theoretically or experimentally. They will have access to the most advanced techniques in the field and develop industry-transferable skills.

The grants are open to all scientific areas, and there will be funded:

  • Max. 100 new grants devoted to general research areas

Find a list of research areas and a brief description of some of the projects representative of  CFM, together with the contact researchers here . You can also find all the team here

  • Max. 2 new grants in the framework of the following specific research areas

Contact Felix Fernández, Arantxa Arbe and/or Juan Colmenero from the Polymers and Soft Matter group at CFM for this specific area:

         – Neutron techniques applied to the study of polymers and macromolecular systems.

Neutron techniques applied to the study of materials for energy.

Neutron techniques applied to the study of functional materials.

Neutron techniques applied to the study of biological systems and bio-inspired materials.


  • The PhD student should meet the following requirement, among others: to be registered in a municipality of the Basque Autonomous Region (EAE/CAPV) at the time of the request and, at least, from Jan. 2020 for “A Modality” (PhD to be carried out in a Basque center).
  • The new PhD student will join the host institution in January 2021.
  • The PhD student will be the beneficiary of the grant through a pre-doctoral contract with the host institution (the payment of the grant will be made to the host institution).
  • The application may include a maximum of two Thesis directors (director and co-director). Each director cannot be included in more than one new application. 

Contract period

1 year, extendable for other 3 years (renewals of the grant).

The PhD student will be entitled to a 3-month internship during the four-years grant (additional grants will be available with that purpose).


Online application (beneficiary)