CFM Receives the Aspira-MaX Josefa Barba Seal of Excellence from CSIC

Published: June 24, 2024

Last week, the Center for Materials Physics (CFM) received the Aspira-MaX Josefa Barba Seal of Excellence for passing the first phase of the MaX Project. This initiative promotes scientific excellence within the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). The recognition was collected by the director, Celia Rogero. The delivery of the seals took place in the framework of the annual meeting of the management teams of the CSIC centers and institutes and the event was chaired by the Secretary General for Research, Ms. Eva Ortega Paiño.

These ASPIRA-MaX CSIC seals of excellence were created to recognize the efforts towards excellence of research centers.

This program includes, among other proposals, the granting of financial aid for research centers to develop their own action plans, which outline actions aimed at strengthening areas for improvement. To this end, an itinerary is established that involves the allocation of resources and accreditations of excellence.

ASPIRA-MaX CSIC Seals of Excellence

Each seal bears the name of a researcher who has developed her career in one of the three scientific areas of the CSIC: Josefa Barba, a graduate in Pharmacy and PhD in Science, developed a prolific career in the field of neuroscience and learning processes; Sagrario Martínez-Carrera, PhD in Chemistry, worked in the Department of Crystallography of the current Blas Cabrera Institute of Physical Chemistry and is considered one of the exponents of Spanish science in the mid-20th century; Margarita Comas, PhD in biology and writer, developed her scientific career in pedagogy, standing out for her work in the introduction of science didactics in Spain and the promotion of gender equality in the academic world.