Emakumeak Zientzian begins

Published: February 8, 2023

* This edition will kick off in a festive atmosphere and the anthem specially designed for the initiative will be presented.

* Twenty-four Basque organisations are jointly organising a wide-ranging programme for the 7th edition of Emakumeak Zientzian.



This year Emakumeak Zientzian will kick off in a festive atmosphere, where tribute will be paid to all the women scientists and technologists who carry out their work in the organisations and research centres involved in the initiative. At the same event, and as a novelty, the Emakumeak Zientzian anthem composed by Janus Lester (alias of Jokin Pinatxo, pre-doctoral researcher at the CFM) will be presented live, which you can already listen to on all the platforms.

Day: Wednesday, February 8th  (2023)

Time: 18:00h

 Location: Intxaurrondo Kultur Etxea. Donostia.



– Talk moderated by Mari Luz Guenaga, head of Deusto LearningLab and member of the Emakumeak Zientzian coordination team, with the researchers Ana Beloqui (POLYMAT), Marta Pascual (BC3) and Marina Kalashnikova (BCBL) and the bertsolari Alaia Martin Etxebeste.

– Talk moderated by Idoia Mugika, head of communication and dissemination at CFM and member of the Emakumeak Zientzian coordination team, with Jon Gurrutxaga, director of Innovation and Internationalisation of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, Izaskun Artetxe, technical economic secretary of the Department of Economic Promotion of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, and Ainhoa Aldasoro, head of Innovation and Competitiveness at Donostia Sustapena – Fomento San Sebastián.

– Live presentation of the Emakumeak Zientzian anthem by Janus Lester.

 Twenty-four Basque organisations have jointly organised the 7th edition of Emakumeak Zientzian, and have designed an extensive programme of more than 50 activities in Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, for all audiences so that the message that ‘science is for girls’ reaches and permeates throughout society.