PhD Thesis Defense | Javier Martínez Sabando

Published: September 18, 2023

Pectin-based adsorbents for remediation of contaminated water with pharmaceutical products and heavy metals

September 26, 10:30

CFM Auditorium

Candidate: Javier Martínez Sabando

Supervisors:  Silvina Cerveny Murcia


Water is the basis of social and economic development on the planet. However, the increase in water consumption and the high pollution levels have generated the need to manage water quality by maintaining it safe. This thesis focuses on developing adsorbents based on pectin-based materials for the simultaneous removal of pharmaceuticals and heavy metals from water. Pectin was crosslinked with different agents (calcium, europium or combinations of both). The crosslinkers are also the adsorption points for the various contaminants of water.
We have characterized the different adsorbent types by FTIR, XRD, and EDX-SEM techniques. Batch adsorption experiments were conducted to assess their adsorption capacities for heavy metals and pharmaceuticals.
This research has successfully introduced a novel crosslink system for low methoxyl pectins. Furthermore, it demonstrates the effective simultaneous removal of antibiotics and heavy metals from aqueous solutions using this new material.


Illustrations depicting three crosslinked systems.