QENS/WINS 2022 Conference has started today, May 23 with more than 120 people participating. This will constitute the 15th Edition of the QENS series and the 10th of the WINS workshops.

The main purpose of QENS is to cover the broad spectrum of scientific activities related with the investigation of dynamical processes using quasi-elastic neutron scattering techniques. WINS will cover innovative aspects of neutron instrument design following the theme of “New idea, New concept, New design, New instrumentation for New sciences”.

Three very important anniversaries are celebrated in this 2022 meeting: 30 years of QENS Conferences, 10 years of QENS/WINS joint Conferences, and 50 years of the conception of the Neutron Spin Echo technique.

The event has been organized by Arantxa Arbe and Juan Colmenero, Research Professor and University Professor, respectively, at the Materials Physics Center CFM (CSIC-UPV/EHU). The celebration of this event in San Sebastian gives particular international visibility to the activities of this research center in the ‘neutrionics’ area, one of the priority lines defined in the framework of the IKUR strategy of the Basque Government.

QENS/WINS 2022 is celebrated at the Miramar Palace from May 23 to 27, and is held in hybrid format to allow the active participation of all interested scientists, even those who cannot personally come to San Sebastian, in all the scientific activities. The number of in-person participants is 120, and 51 persons will participate remotely. San Sebastian is welcoming with this event persons from the five continents, coming from 16 different countries. The event gathers outstanding experts in the development and application of neutron scattering techniques all over the world. Forty-six excellent speakers have been invited from diverse scientific areas. The large participation shows that the Conference has attracted the interest of a large number of senior and young scientists, who will also share their latest works in fifty eight oral contributions and thirty six posters along this week.

Check the program here.