“That´s the story” Documentary projection +Colloquium with J. I. Latorre

Published: January 24, 2017

Documentary Projection and Colloquium 26th January, 16:00, CFM auditorium

DIPC and CFM have the pleassure to present this  open emission, followed by a colloquium with Professor José Ignacio Latorre, producer of the documentary and director of Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual.    


“That’s the story”Prof. Roy J. Glauber remembers the making of the atomic bomb  image001

Nobel laureate Prof. Roy J. Glauber is the last living scientist from the Theory Division of the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos. His clear, fluent and articulate narration brings first hand information on the life at Los Alamos, the main scientific characters there, the Trinity test of the first ever nuclear weapon, the bombing of Japanand the political aftermath of the project. Glauber’s account isdocumented with audiovisual material recently declassified from the Los Alamos Archive.  

Documentary / 52’/English/2015

Director: María T.Soto – Sanfield and Óscar Cusó

Producer: José I.Latorre & Benasque´s Science Center Pedro Pascual

Organizer: DIPC and CFM