Published: September 25, 2020


Extending the submission deadline to December, 31th 2020








Considering the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to extended the submission deadline to December, 31th 2020. That should give everybody enough time to organize their participation. Please find the following facts to remind you of the subject:

EUSMI is a pan-European research network funded by the European Commission. Aiming to enhance European competitiveness in soft matter research and innovation, EUSMI invites teachers to participate in a science demonstration competition together with their science classes.

we are organizing a science classroom competition for students in the age of 13 to 18 years and their teachers. To make this activity a success we need your assistance to reach as many teachers as possible.

In the competition, the participating classes will demonstrate some interesting soft matter science phenomenon together with their teachers and make a video of it to share with the whole world.


Our mission is to encourage teachers all over Europe to share and improve their educational methods, and to empower students for active learning.

The prize winning videos will be professionally post-produced and published on our website, YouTube or similar platforms and the optimized videos will return to their producer and help to enrich future courses in your school.


1) Teachers register on our website to confirm their interest in participating
2) Film their demonstration
3) They write point by point instructions for their demonstration
4) They submit the video and the protocol through We Transfer



A jury consisting of renowned scientists and communication experts will evaluate the contributions and select the winners.

Click here to get detailed information about the competition and – for interested teachers – to register on our website. You can also download a PDF containing detailed information including explanatory examples of soft matter phenomena. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the EUSMI 
Competition Team via email*:

Please share this information with all people who might be interested in participating.

The EUSMI Competition Team

*Anna Stenstam is part of the Executive Committee of EUSMI and CEO of the Swedish partner organization CR Competence.

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