Physics of Nanostructures and Advanced Materials (PNAM) is one of the PhD programs offered by the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU. It has been recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education as a highly-qualified PhD Program (Mención hacia la excelencia MEE2011-0591).

It is intended for students with a background in Physics, Chemistry, Material Science and related topics, after completing a master’s program (or equivalent degree). The interested students must apply for the preregistration in the PhD program (two calls each academic year, in September and April respectively).


The PhD program extends over three years and is mostly devoted to research. At the end of this period, a PhD thesis has to be submitted and defended at the UPV/EHU in order to obtain the official (Spanish) PhD degree by the UPV/EHU. Only after explicit application for an extension, and subject to approval, can PhD programs be extended over the 3-year limit.

Most of the PhD theses within this program meet the requirements for obtaining the “International PhD” distinction. Please, check the actual requirements here

Research lines and networks involved in the PhD Program

The research groups responsible for the PNAM PhD program are those belonging to the CFM. The main research lines of these groups are:

In addition, other research lines related with the applications of nanomaterials and nanotechnology, as those developed in several technological centers in the surroundings, are also considered. The connection between the various technological centers and the PNAM PhD program is coordinated by the research center CIC NanoGUNE.

Finally, the PNAM PhD program is a part of the “Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials” European Doctorate, opening the possibility of developing the PhD thesis work in close collaboration with any of the involved research groups.