Dialogues between Women on Science and Technology

Published: Mayo 29, 2018

CFM is going to partcipate in the III EDITION of the CAPITAL OF KNOWLEDGE organized by ASPEGI  (Asociación de Profesionales y Empresarias de Gipuzkoa)

June 6


Hotel Arima, Donostia- San Sebastián

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Sing up: administracion@aspegi.org || Tfno.: 943 326600 ext 5373

The aim of this day is to make women in top management, research and training visible, in orther to learn and obtain proposals and future strategies to facilitate the path for the new generations.
There is broad consensus in European scientific institutions that the low presence of women in science and technology is a waste of resources that neither science nor economics can afford.
Sixty per cent of university graduates are women. They do it with excellent academic records. But these highly qualified women often do not find accommodation in the system. How is it possible in a space that is in principle defined by reason? Can a science that largely excludes women’s talent, vision and abilities really be excellent? How does this imbalance influence the research agenda? What can be done collectively and individually?

These and other questions that may arise will be discussed in an open dialogue at this event.