PhD Thesis Defense | Alvaro Nodar Villa

Published: Mayo 17, 2023

Theoretical description of light emission in the presence of nanoscale resonators: from classical scattering to photon states  entanglement and statistics

May 19, 11:00

CFM Auditorium

Candidate: Álvaro Nodar Villa

Supervisors:  Javier Aizpurua Iriazabal & Ruben Esteban Llorente


Scheme of one of the systems studied in this thesis: an incoherently driven molecule is placed in the nanocavity formed between two spherical gold nanoparticles. The statistics of the emitted light change from strongly antibunched to strongly bunched as the molecule-nanocavity coupling strength is increased.

This thesis is devoted to studying the interaction of classical and quantum light states with photonic nanostructures in different configurations. Two main scenarios are explored: the first one consists of a photonic nanostructure interacting with a quantum emitter, such as a molecule or a quantum dot. We analyze the asymmetry in the Fano resonance that originates within the classical response of the emitter-nanostructure system. We also analyze the quantum statistics of the photons emitted in this configuration as a function of the coupling strength between the nanostructure and the emitter. In the second scenario considered in this thesis, we explore how the properties of a quantum state formed by two entangled photons change when scattered by a photonic nanostructure.