PhD Thesis Defense | Mohammad Rahjoo

Published: Febrero 19, 2024

Multi-scale modelling and design of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) devices based on cement-based materials

February 23, 11:00

CFM Auditorium


Candidate: Mohammad Rahjoo

Supervisors:  Jorge Sánchez Dolado (CSIC-CFM) and María Esther Rojas Bravo (CIEMAT-Solar Platform of Almería)

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This thesis investigates using geopolymer based concrete as an alternative thermal energy storage (TES) material to conventional ordinary Portland cement (OPC) concrete, particularly for high temperature concentrating solar power (CSP) applications where OPC degrades.

The work presents an effort to a methodology utilizing thermal properties measurements, numerical and experimental TES modeling, and data-driven optimization and design of TES units to introduce a more sustainable, efficient and high-temperature-stable yet scalable TES material for the renewable energy sector.

Modeling and design of geopolymer based concrete for high-temperature thermal energy storage in concentrating solar power plants