CFM with the Science Fair of Elhuyar (Zientzia Azoka)

Do you remember how it was to be 16 and not knowing what to do with your life? At CFM we try to help teenagers in this task, joining Lanaldi, the biggest corporate voluntary program in Euskadi. Lanaldi program, organized by Fundación Novia Salcedo, provides students with a unique opportunity to interact with active professionals, allowing the students to spend a day with such professionals in their working places. It is a great chance to get a real perspective of what working really is about in different areas of expertise.

If you are a student willing to share a day with one researcher, fill the inscription here and search for our professionals.



Celia Rogero


CSIC Tenured Scientist

Moving atoms, picturing them…is it possible? Meet Celia Rogero, a CSIC permanent researcher of CFM, and join the Nanophysics Laboratory for a day.

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Idoia Mugica


Outreach Manager

Do you know what science communication is? Meet Idoia Mugica, CFM´s Outreach manager and enjoy spreading Science Culture around!

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Lucia Vitali


Ikerbasque Professor

Have you ever seen an atom? Meet Lucia Vitali, a permanent Ikerbasque professor at CFM, and join the “Spectroscopy at Atomic Scale” group for a day.

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Daniel Enrique Martínez Tong


Postdoc- Juan de la Cierva  researcher

Spend the day at the polymer and soft matter group of CFM, exploring the complex molecular organization of polymers using an Atomic Force Microscope, a tool that will allow you to see beyond the human eye resolution.

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