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Interactions of quantum light with nanoparticles

In this project we used entangled photons to illuminate a small nanoaperture drilled on a film of gold. Even though the round hole was smaller than the wavelength, we measured that there is a different transmission of states with different quantum phases. In particular, some states would be transmitted and their entanglement preserved, while for others, the entanglemetn would be completely destroyed. The key ingredient in this project was to engineer the modes of light to match the symmetries of the structure.

Controlling the scattering of nanoparticles with light modes

Light scattering from small particles is what gives the blue colour to the sky or the white opacity of milk. The main theory was developed around 100 years ago, but it did not take into account the amazing progress in the control of light modes, combining sources of light with spatial light modulators and polarization controllers. We have found that by controlling the modes of light we can control the scattering from individual small particles, allowing us to manipulate light at the nanoscale.

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