Congratulations Unai!!!

Unai Muniain successfully defended his thesis on November 8th on the quantum-mechanical study of optical excitations in nanoscale systems: first-principles description of plasmons, tunneling-induced light emission and ultrastrong light-matter interaction. Zorionak Unai! Congratulations!

Javier Aizpurua has been awarded the “Premio Euskadi de Investigación 2022”

The twenty-seventh edition of the prestigious award “Premio Euskadi de Investigación 2022” has been awarded unanimously  to Javier Aizpurua,  the leader of the Theory of Nanophotonics Group in the Centro de Física de Materiales in San Sebastián (https://www.irekia.euskadi.eus/es/news/85385-fisico-javier-aizpurua-premio-euskadi-investigacion-2022). The purpose of the “Premio … Continue reading

Congratulations Antton!!!

Last Friday, Antton Babaze successfully defended his thesis on “Quantum Many-Body Effects in the Optoelectronic Response of Plasmonic Nanostructures and their Coupling to Quantum Emitters” in front of the international committee. Zorionak Antton! Congratulations!