Research on modes hybridization in dielectric dimers published in ACS Photonics

Research prepared in the collaboration with groups of Boris Chichkov in Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. in Hannover, Germany, has been published in ACS Photonics.

In this paper we report the optical response of dielectric sub-micrometer particle dimers with resonances in the visible, illustrating a hybridization of electric and magnetic dipolar modes of their individual constituents. The experimental results, corroborated by the numerical calculations, reveal the contributions to the scattering from homogeneous pairs of dipolar electric–electric and magnetic–magnetic modes, as well as from the heterogeneous electric–magnetic modes, induced due to the overlap between the electric and magnetic polarizabilities of single scatterers. The silicon nanoparticles are fabricated on glass by a laser printing method and characterized by polarization-resolved dark-field microscopy. Finally, extensive numerical calculations are carried out to investigate the influence of the morphology and oxidation of the dimers on the optical response in order to properly model their hybridization.

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