Research on THz plasmonic nanoantennas published in Phys. Rev. B

Research paper prepared as a collaboration of our group with researchers of the Center for Nanophotonics, AMOLF, in the Netherlands has been published in Physical Review B.

The paper, entitled “Active loaded plasmonic antennas at terahertz frequencies: Optical control of their capacitive-inductive coupling”, discusses the photogeneration and characterization of loaded dipole plasmonic antennas at THz frequencies. Dipole antennas are generated through contolled patterned optical illumination of a GaAs surface with a spatial light modulator. With this technique, well-controlled modification of the antenna load can also be achieved, leading to efficient switching from a capacitive to an inductive antenna behaviour.
This is verified both experimentally, through determination of the effective impedance, and theoretically, through full-electrodynamic numerical simulations and lumped circuit theory analysis. These findings are promising for the design of novel active THz circuits and optoelectronic devices.

To read the paper, click here or go the Physical Review B webpage.