Spectroscopy at atomic scale group

The Lab devotes investigation efforts and passion to the characterization of surface phenomena occurring at atomic and sub-molecular scale. Surface-supported nanostructures, as single-isolated and self-assembled atomic or molecular structures, are measured with aim to understand the correlation between adsorption geometry, electronic and magnetic properties as well as their chemical reactivity. By using the power of high-resolution scanning probe microscopy (STM-AFM) techniques we locally probe their physical properties at the interface with supporting substrates and survey chemical reactions visualizing the reaction intermediates. Such instrumental versatility and unique resolution provide a comprehensive characterization of the structure, electronic, vibrational and surface-potential. This characterization provides significant insights into materials properties.


October 2019: We are hiring: one Post-doctoral position open (Join us). Deadline for application November 4th

August 2019: Ninon receives a DAAD fellowships and joined us for a summer internship

March 2019: Ana is granted a IUSTA fellowship allowing a contributed presentation to the IVC-21 conference in Malmo

February 2019: new publication! Can Atomic Buckling Control a Chemical Reaction? The Case of Dehydrogenation of Phthalocyanine Molecules on GdAu2/Au(111) is accepted in J.Phys.Chem C

February 2019: Jie joins the group