Spectroscopy at atomic scale group

A new opportunity for a post-doctoral fellow to work on 2D materials is now available in the projects entitled:

"Spectroscopic characterization of 2D-heterostructures"

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Our lab characterizes quantum effects and phenomena occurring in 2D materials, focusing on surface-supported nanostructures at the sub-molecular scale. Our research encompasses the investigation of their interfaces, and we have capability to explore the effect of adsorption of individual atoms, molecules on their electronic properties. Our main tools for this research are advanced scanning probe microscopy techniques such as Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). Operating at low temperatures, these techniques provide deep insights into quantum effects by correlating structure, electronic and magnetic properties, as well as chemical reactivity. Simultaneously measuring topographic, spectroscopic and vibrational properties along with surface potential variation and lattice vibrations, allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the materials under study. We believe that this precise methodology yields new insights that contribute to a broader scientific knowledge of novel materials, providing perspectives for controlling their properties.


March 10th 2023: Congratulation to Xabier for the beautiful thesis!

February 2023: New publication, in Nano Letters