Spectroscopy at atomic scale group


Our research is dedicated to the experimental characterization of materials surfaces and interfaces, with a specific focus on probing the structure and electronic properties across the Fermi level.
We are particularly fascinated by the potential to control material properties through the formation of interfaces with different coupling strengths. Interfaces between organic and inorganic materials as well as between layers of two-dimensional materials offer an intriguing playground for exploring new emerging quantum phenomena, and physical-chemical effects. These interfaces can reshape the electronic structure of the system. Although most often, their observation depends on specific atomistic coupling through the interface or the localization of charges at defined resonant states. Additionally, local dipoles play a role in modifying the surface potential electron transport properties, and can even promote chemical reactions. In 2D materials, these charges assume an even greater relevance due to their limited screening capability. Achieving an accurate and focused characterization of structure, electronic properties, and charge reorganization across interfaces becomes crucial.
Our overarching goal is to comprehend the mechanisms governing these processes at surfaces, leading to the emergence of new quantum effects. Through our research, we aim to unravel the intricate electron transport, and magnetic properties emergent at the interface of materials and their interaction with individual atomic and molecular units.

From 0D to 2D systems

Chemical reactions

Electronics and Magnetic properties

Phonon and lattice dynamics