Published in Nature Nanotechnology a paper of the group which dissects light emission from a single molecule with atomic-scale resolution

Atomic-scale dissection of molecular flashes Molecules are perceived as the ultimate compound for future electronic and optoelectronic devices of extremely low dimension. In such a molecular circuit, each molecule can hold specific functionalities such as carrying electronic current, emitting photons, … Continue reading

Published in Nature Physics a paper of the group which traces the ultrafast dynamics of electrons in a plasmonic nanogap driven by a single-cycle optical pulse.

Taming ultrafast electrons with light The technological achievements in electronics have been absolutely impressive over the course of the last decades with a major impact to the society that has drastically evolved towards the digital age. The fundamental principle behind … Continue reading

Welcome back Carlos!

Carlos Maciel has came back from his three months internship at Chalmers University of Technology collaborating with Timur Shegai’s group in the division of Bionanophotonics. During his internship, toghether with Dr. Denis Baranov, he studied strong coupling features that may … Continue reading