Sofia Ribeiro joins our group!

Sofia Ribeiro has joined our group as a new postdoctoral researcher!

She obtained her Ph.D. from Imperial College London in 2014 under the supervision of Prof. Stefan Scheel. The Ph.D. thesis focused on theoretical quantum optics, with emphasis on hybrid systems. 

Ensuing her Ph.D., Sofia took an internship at Southampton University to study optical phenomena in confined solid-state structures. Then, in mid-2015, she moved to Instituto de Telecomunicações as a postdoc to work in quantum technologies, where she helped develop protocols for quantum thermal machines and optomechanical systems fueled by quantum forces.

Following this project, Sofia took a position in Université Paris-Diderot in January 2018 to work with a work-leading group in the quantum engineering of semiconductor structures. Her work focused on modeling and engineering optoelectronic devices based on collective electronic excitation in quantum wells.

After that, Sofia accepted a position at Durham University in March 2019. There, she was inserted in a platform grant that allowed her to support different experimentalists in modeling collective interactions in thermal vapors confined in nanocells.

Welcome to Donostia, Sofia!