New postdoctoral position available! – plasmonic nanoantennas

The Theory of Nanophotonics Group at CFM is offering a postdoctoral position (1+1 years) starting in early 2019 to work with Prof. Javier Aizpurua, in collaboration with Dr. Nerea Zabala and Dr. Rubén Esteban, in the theoretical description of cavity-enhanced molecular spectroscopy, and the optical response of advanced nanosystems.

Further information can be found at the position announcement.

Suitable candidates can apply for this position by following this link Please choose the following job offer reference: 27_11_2018_PD , and upload the following information in the application before 10 th of January 2019.

General enquiries or questions about this position should be submitted by email to: with the subject label “Postdoc CFM-Nanophotonics”.