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The NanoPhysics Lab (NPL) initiated its activities in 2001, and has steadily grown in terms of equipment and personnel ever since. We study structural, electronic, magnetic and chemical properties of in-situ and ex-situ grown nanostructures, in the context of experimental surface science. NPL aims at exploring relevant but yet-widely-unknown phenomena taking place at the surface of solid materials, such as the atomic-level control of on-surface chemical reactions and catalysis, the bottom-up fabrication of 1D or 2D functional materials, and also the growth of novel layered materials with potential application in state-of-the-art technology devices. The group applies the synthesis of atomically perfect materials to practical problems of technological and industrial interest, aligned with three current societal challenges. 
The NPL holds some of the most complete and modern set of highly sensitive surface science techniques, combined with tools for the synthesis of materials and nanostructures, from layer-by-layer growth to device fabrication. Thus, NPL laboratory has several multi-technique ultra-vacuum equipment, distributed in five different laboratory rooms. .

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